How to Take Care of Your Pearls

Pearls are so precious that it's crucial to take care of these beauties. In spite of their hard exterior, pearls are porous and we should always take great care.

Pearls may scratch and they can discolor when they come in prolonged contact with perspiration, oil secretion from skin, and soapy water.

When wearing your pearls, be careful not to put too much cologne or perfume in areas of the skin they will come in contact with your precious things. Best would not to wear any foreign substance on the skin that will come in contact with your pearls.

Occasionally clean your pearls by wiping them with a soft cloth or brush dipped in mild soapy water. In cleaning your pearls, make sure to clean between each pearl. Never clean your pearls with chemicals because ammonia and/or bleach can destroy the luster of your pearls.

Have your necklace re-strung by a professional jeweler every couple of years especially if you wear them often.