Quality of Pearls

Milleperle has only high quality, authentic cultured pearl jewellery. Below a few key points that will help you to understand better about pearls: their value and quality.

Luster:The reflectivity or shine of the pearl. Low quality pearls appear chalky, whereas high quality pearls seem to glow with mirror-like reflectivity.

Surface Quality: The quantity and severity (or lack) of blemishes on the pearl's surface.

Nacre Thickness: The thickness of the natural coating the pearl's host develops around the implanted nucleus during the culturing process. Pearls with thick nacre have a brighter shine that will last for years.

Shape: Pearls come in many shapes, from baroque to perfectly round. Akoya pearls should be perfectly round. All other pearl types have varying shapes.

Size: Although irrelevant to pearl quality grading, pearl size affects the value of the pearl and is a factor in determining matching.

Matching: How closely multiple pearls match each other for all of the factors listed above.